Google Moves Into Medicine

With the wealth of information available online these days, it seems like suddenly everyone is a doctor. This can be problematic for doctors who believe that this knowledge should only be delivered under a physician’s care, but the truth of the matter is this: Google is the largest search engine in the world, and patients … Read more

4 New Trends In Chronic Pain Treatment

Chronic pain patients are always on the lookout for new trends in chronic pain treatment. Here are four developments in the latest chronic pain treatments. 1. Online post-operative care Post-operative care is a crucial part of a patient’s recovery. Whether the procedure is routine and outpatient or more involved and requiring a hospital stay, the … Read more

New Pain-Fighting Implantable Devices Are Flexible, Wireless, And Use Light

Chronic pain sufferers looking for new options to manage their conditions might consider implantable devices. Researchers are working to update these devices to make them even more helpful in the fight against chronic pain. New technology has made them not only more flexible, but also more convenient, operating from wireless technology and without a bulky … Read more

These 14 Instagram Fitness Stars Offer Non-Stop Motivation

Instagram is a hotbed of inspiring fitness stars who motivate others with their commitment to health, inspiring progress photos, and simple workout tips. Some accounts feature conventional fitness motivation while others post more niche content, such as body positive fitness inspiration. Whether you’re seeking motivation for chiseled abs or simply want added encouragement to lace … Read more

Do Apps And Wearable Technology Help Or Hurt Fitness Goals?

Tracking information on your fitness journey has never been easier thanks to a variety of emerging wearable devices and smartphone apps. The wide array of technological tools available supports fitness by helping you track things like how many steps you’ve taken, plan routes for running, walking, or biking, and celebrate victories like losing a specific … Read more

How To Use The Internet For Fitness Motivation

Getting social with your fitness is a great way to stay motivated, accountable, and most importantly, on track with staying active. The Internet has emerged as a popular way to connect with like-minded individuals on similar fitness journeys. The ability to share stories, successes, and even failures via social media and other specialized platforms has … Read more

Sites We Love: Sonima

People who define wellness as doing those activities that feel good and support vitality will enjoy the health site Sonima. The site’s slogan is “Live fit, live free,” and it perfectly encapsulates its mission of making wellness accessible and practical. Many people think of fitness as chiseled abs, green smoothies, and marathons, but true wellness … Read more

5 Easy Ways To Start Yoga In The New Year

If starting a yoga practice has languished on your list of goals because you’re not sure how to start, this New Year marks an excellent time to clear the fear. The number of ways to practice online is exploding, making this ancient system of wellness more accessible than ever. Depending on your needs and the … Read more

Our 10 Favorite Health TED Talks From 2015

The non-profit organization TED focuses on spreading inspirational and interesting ideas. Spending a few minutes watching the videos could change your whole day—maybe even your life! From heath and happiness to creativity and vulnerability, TED produces talks from world-leading experts and inspiring everyday people you’ve never heard of. Feeding your brain with positive messages and … Read more

Bloggers We Love: Dr. Christiane Wolf

Meditation is a powerful tool for rewiring the brain’s emotional and physical responses—both critical when it comes to managing chronic pain. Dr. Christiane Wolf is a meditation teacher, physician, and life coach who speaks extensively on the ability of mindfulness practices to alleviate chronic pain. Meditation changes lives, she says, by teaching people how to … Read more