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Welcome November 2011

Thank heavens! The weather has cooled and we are finally able to enjoy the beautiful surroundings we live in without worrying about dehydration. Cooler weather often means increased activity. More folks will be hitting the links, riding their bikes, taking walks and spending time outside doing whatever it is they love. With cooler climates can [...]

Welcome, October 2011

This month’s theme for our magazine is “growth.” Humbly, we know a bit about the topic. Can you believe just three years ago, we started Arizona Pain Specialists with two physicians and fewer than five employees? Today, thanks to the many blessings we’ve received and plenty of hard work, we have three locations, seven physicians [...]

Welcome, August 2011

In our practice, patients hear us use the words “conservative care,” quite often. Conservative care means we’ve tried many other options to solve a patient’s pain before moving forward with a stronger dose of medication, or a surgical procedure. This month’s issue of Arizona Pain Monthly focuses on an entirely nontraditional, yet conservative, area of [...]

Welcome to the June 2011 issue

Welcome to the June edition of Arizona Pain Monthly! We hope you and your families are doing well. June is National Headache Month. Everyone will experience a headache at least once in their lives, and for many, it’s the type of headache that is painful for a few hours, and then disappears.For some, however, headaches [...]

Welcome Letter February 2011

Welcome to the February issue of Arizona Pain Monthly. Hope you and your families are well. As we continue into 2011, we move onto our next theme, which is FRIENDSHIP. a chronic pain patient, there is nothing of greater value than friendship and companionship from others. However, it can be difficult to maintain relationships with [...]

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