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5 Findings From The Latest Obesity Research

In the U.S., 68% of adults are either obese or overweight. This health crisis costs the U.S. $147 billion annually in direct medical costs and indirect costs such as lost wages. Researchers have been studying obesity and obesity prevention for decades now; here are five of their recent findings in obesity research. 1. The brain-belly [...]

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You Are What You Meat: Making Healthy Choices With Meat

Being a vegetarian (or switching to a mainly plant-based diet) has become a popular trend, but what if you aren’t always interested in nibbling on plants for dinner? Omnivores can still make better choices with the meat they eat, looking for specific animals that are ethically and sustainably raised. Making better choices in the type [...]

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The High Costs Of Physical Inactivity

About 36% of all U.S. adults do not exercise during their leisure time, according to research from Florida Atlantic University. That’s a sobering statistic, especially considering the well-known health risks that arise from physical inactivity. Many common health conditions, including deadly ones, have been linked to a sedentary lifestyle. That includes conditions like back pain, [...]

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The Benefits Of Strength Training For The Elderly

Some may consider strength training to be for the young, but maintaining muscle mass through targeted exercise is important for people of all ages, including the elderly. We lose muscle mass as we age, and the decline is even more precipitous for those living more sedentary lives. The old adage use it or lose it [...]

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The Ultimate Exercise Guide For Diabetes Patients And Those At Risk

If you’re at high risk for diabetes and feel like you must exercise harder to achieve similar results to other people who aren’t at high risk, research shows you might be right. Scientists from Lund University in Sweden compared the effects of exercise on two groups of middle-aged, slightly overweight men. One group was not [...]

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6 Places To Exercise For Free In Phoenix

The amazing Phoenix weather nearly year-round means residents have their choice when it comes to finding free places to workout. Participating in an organized activity or event is one great, free way to connect with other fitness-minded people while enjoying the boost of motivation that comes from working out in a group. If organized events aren’t [...]

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