How To Relieve Pain From Sitting At Your Desk

Is it possible to develop chronic illness from doing…nothing? Turns out, “sitting diseases” and various health conditions are on the rise as we become more sedentary. Whether it’s an increase in the risk of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease or just increased pain from sitting at desk, here’s how to decrease your chances of chronic … Read more

how to fix nerd neck

How To Fix Nerd Neck: 11 Approaches

These days, many of us are spending a lot more time looking forward. While planning ahead and considering the future is a positive thing, when it comes to your neck, too much of a forward focus can be a bad thing. A forward head posture is more common as we hunch over our phones, laptops, and steering wheels with increasing frequency. The resulting “nerd neck” can bring with it pain and tension up and down the spine. How to fix nerd neck and still meet the demands of daily life? Here are some of the best approaches to easing the pain of a forward head posture.