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September On Arizona Pain

September is an important month in terms of awareness efforts, and this month we covered several that affect the pain community. We also offered innovative ways to get involved. Other topics covered this month included in-depth examinations of weightier topics, including the obstacles some minority groups face when searching for medical care. Between cultural barriers, misunderstandings, [...]

May Inside Pain: Making Invisible Illnesses Visible

Although 100 million U.S. adults, children, and teens suffer from chronic pain, patients experience a variety of difficulties connecting to each other, finding the treatment they need, and living in a world that’s not always kind to people who need a little extra help. May’s Inside Pain content explored this world, uncovering resources and tips [...]

April Reads: Promoting Mental Health

From stress to depression and beyond, some type of mental health issue affects millions of people in the U.S. Even those without a clinical disorder often face occasional anxiety or bouts of sadness they may not know how to handle. For people living with chronic pain, treating the mind is just as important as treating [...]

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