These 14 Instagram Fitness Stars Offer Non-Stop Motivation

Instagram is a hotbed of inspiring fitness stars who motivate others with their commitment to health, inspiring progress photos, and simple workout tips. Some accounts feature conventional fitness motivation while others post more niche content, such as body positive fitness inspiration.

Whether you’re seeking motivation for chiseled abs or simply want added encouragement to lace up those sneakers, there’s an account sure to transform your Instagram feed into the resource you’re looking for. Beyond the physical inspiration or workout suggestions you’ll find, be sure to read these stars’ captions for glimpses into the never-give-up attitude responsible for their meteoric rise to excellence.

1. @ChaleneJohnson

Chalene is a trainer, author, and creator of well-known fitness videos like PiYo and Turbo Fire. More recently, she’s begun helping people build their businesses, and so her Instagram account runs the gamut from workouts to mindset to fashion.

You’ll find short sample workouts and loads of encouragement for living your best life. Chalene started her business with nothing and has achieved great success. Knowing this makes her all the more inspiring.

2. @MariePurvis

Nike global trainer Marie’s motto is “Life is dynamic. Train for it.” On this beautifully photographed account, you’ll find tidbits of life wisdom, inspiring workout moves, and suggestions to get the most out of your workout.

3. @kaisafit

Kaisa Keranen, who has a masters in exercise science, posts a mix of lifestyle inspiration, workout videos, and meal photographs. Her recent videos have featured an unusual accessory: a leg cast. Watching Kaisa kill her workouts despite this impediment is inspiring in itself.

4. @BeachYogaGirl

Kerri Verna, who gained fame as her Instagram moniker BeachYogaGirl, typically documents her yoga practice, but she also frequently features non-yoga workouts that can be done at home to build core and muscle strength.

Kerri has fibromyalgia and a few other chronic health conditions, and although she doesn’t talk about them often, knowing that she is thriving despite health challenges makes her account even more inspiring. Kerri also frequently hosts free, all-level yoga challenges with friend, yoga teacher, and fellow Instagram personality Kino MacGregor.

5. @KinoYoga

Kino MacGregor is a prominent yogi who posts videos showcasing her jaw-dropping strength and fluidity as she moves through yoga flows. Although you likely won’t be trying most of these moves at home, it’s inspiring to see how much the human body is capable of.

Kino also writes insightful captions showcasing her life’s accumulated wisdom of yoga philosophy to help readers access greater joy and peace in their own lives. Kino travels to India often to train with yoga masters and has absorbed the truly peaceful and loving spirit of yoga during her years of dedicated study.

6. @MyNameIsJessamyn

Jessamyn is a yoga teacher and body positive advocate who embraces her curves. Jessamyn challenges the idea that there is a “yoga body,” or that only slender white people can do the practice. She posts inspirational messages, yoga videos, and answers reader questions like, “How do you suggest someone with a larger body get started with yoga?”

7. @MassyArias

Massy is chiseled and radiates joy, and you’d never know this powerhouse once struggled with depression. Most of Massy’s page features motivational words, tips for eating healthy and balanced, and short workout ideas. Sometimes, Massy will recount the story of how working out at the gym helped her overcome depression.

Today, she works as a trainer and health coach, advocating a balanced approach to eating healthy and enjoying life with a focus on wellness. Massy posts in both English and Spanish.

8. @HeidiYogi

Heidi is a dedicated yogi who recently had her calf amputated after a bad accident that permanently damaged her limb. Follow her account for constant inspiration about overcoming physical challenges and finding joy in the darkest places.

9. @Yulady

For more unending yoga inspiration, follow Yulady Saluti, a mother, breast cancer survivor, and ostomate (she had her colon permanently removed after digestive issues).

Yulady doesn’t post many sample workouts, but she does often host yoga challenges accessible to beginners and beyond. She’s also a source of constant wisdom and motivation for finding the good in life.

10. @AmandaBisk

Former Australian pole vaulter turned Instagram phenomenon and athletic trainer Amada Bisk posts gorgeous images, short sample workouts, and inspiration for approaching fitness with a balanced attitude. Her account also features healthy meal ideas and motivational transformation pictures from people using her online training program.

11. @Blogilates

This is the Instagram account of Casey Ho, founder of Pop Pilates. Casey offers workout tips, healthy lifestyle inspiration, and behind-the-scenes peaks of her growing empire, which is now expanding into workout clothes.

12. @EmilySkyeFit

Emily is an Australian fitness trainer who is gorgeous and has a beautifully chiseled body. She also loves to keep it real, often posting shots, for example, with her belly sticking out after eating a large meal.

She does this to help others realize that perfectly angled and photographed Instagram pictures are not reality, and not even the people in the pictures can live up to often ridiculous standards of beauty. Of course, Emily’s page is also full of workout ideas, mindset motivation, and other lifestyle tips.

13. @AlexaJeanFitness

Arizona-based mom Alexa Jean Brown has amassed nearly 2 million Instagram followers who love her simple workouts that you can do at home. Family is a big part of Alexa’s life, and she frequently shares pictures of her baby and husband.

Alexa also frequently shows inspiring before and after photos of people who have lost weight with her fitness plans.

14. @EstelleArcher

Dawn Estelle is the creator of SWEAT fitness classes, which take place in her East Coast studio, but can also be streamed online. The first class was held in a parking lot and today she takes her signature brand of fitness on national tours. She also has her own studio, an inspiring achievement for a women who once sold all her things and followed a dream to take fitness to the masses.

Dawn is thicker than your average fitness superstar, and that’s part of her appeal to her more than 215,000 fans.

Who is your favorite fitness star to follow on Instagram?

Image by Take Back Your Health Conference via Flickr

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