This past year on the Arizona Pain blog, we’ve covered research news, the latest medical trends, and lifestyle scoops to help you live your best life.

Thanks so much for reading and being a part of the blog. We wanted to take a moment at the year’s end and compile a list of Arizona Pain’s ten favorite posts from the previous year. This way, you can catch up if you missed them the first time around or maybe even revisit one that struck you as particularly interesting or helpful.

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1. Arizona Resident Perseveres Despite Birth Injury

This four-part series tells the story of Mickey, an Arizona Pain patient who, for his entire life, worked around a birth injury that left one arm essentially useless. He worked in construction, climbed mountains, and didn’t let his diminished mobility impair his life. Until the other arm gave out.

Read Mickey’s inspiring story of how he gambled by undergoing an emerging treatment and came out a winner.

2. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy For Sports Injuries

If you’re a basketball fan, you’ve probably heard about stars like Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods undergoing a high-tech, brand new treatment called platelet rich plasma therapy. Bryant even traveled all the way to Germany to receive the injections that he says keep his knee in tip-top shape.

This amazing new therapy has the potential to change lives. It’s been awesome learning about the cutting-edge treatment, and this blog posts reviews the latest research and gives you the basics on how it works. Best of all, Arizona Pain patients don’t have to travel to Germany to try it — we offer it right here in the Valley.

3. 5-Minute Stress Busters To Try Right Now

If you don’t have much time—and who does when they’re stressed?!—you’ve got to read this post and put these easy, quick stress busters in your arsenal right now. Even though it sometimes feels the world will come crashing down if you take even five minutes to decompress, your mind, body, and soul will thank you for it.

One of these stress busters doesn’t even require a time out, and nobody will know you’re doing it. You could even bust it out while waiting in line at the grocery store without getting funny looks.

4. Jobs Increasingly Available To Disabled Workers

At Arizona Pain, we’re huge advocates of rights for those who are disabled. People with chronic pain and other limitations have amazing gifts to give to the world. That’s why we were so heartened to read about how one industry in particular is creating pathways to employment for disabled workers.

You’ll also read how new technology and changing workplace cultures are simplifying the job search for people with disabilities. There have never been more opportunities for people living with chronic pain to enter the workforce.

5. Best Places To Exercise For Free In Phoenix

A lot of people are on a budget crunch these days. Or maybe you don’t go to the gym enough to commit to paying a monthly fee, but then find it difficult to exercise without a membership.

Want a way out of the quagmire? Exercise for free! This article reveals the top fun, free places to workout in Phoenix and around the Valley. You’ll read about the best trails, free exercise classes, and other ways to break a sweat without breaking your wallet.

If we missed one of your favorites, don’t forget to tell us in the comments!

6. Laughter And Chronic Pain: Nature’s Oldest Medicine

If you needed a reason to laugh, consider this: bellyaching laughter has been shown to alleviate pain. Read the latest research in this article and learn just why laughing is so beneficial for your health.

Not used to laughing? We’ve got you covered with easy ways to incorporate more humor into your life. Besides reducing pain, laughing more is a wonderful way to increase happiness all around.

Caution: reading this article may make you smile.

7. 8 Ways To Find Inspiration Despite Chronic Pain

Staying inspired is key to leading a life of passion and purpose. But dealing with chronic pain day in and out is a major roadblock to feeling that inspiration flow.

Read this blog post to learn easy ways to stay inspired, no matter how you feel. Taking time to refill your energetic cup is essential for being able to tackle life head on. These ideas may even inspire you to create a binder or computer folder chock full of images and other things to look at. A collection of inspiration provides an instant lift whenever you need it.

Be sure to comment in the article and let Arizona Pain know how you stay inspired.

8. When A Family Member Has Chronic Pain, A Caregiver’s Guide

Living with chronic pain is difficult, but caregivers also face enormous amounts of stress and sometimes develop chronic pain as a result. This guide helps caregivers manage that stress and provide better care to enhance the experience for both caregiver and patient.

If you know a caregiver who may be struggling, consider passing this post along to them. At Arizona Pain, we want everybody to be well.

9. How Your Thoughts Hurt Or Heal — And How To Change Them

The mind is incredibly powerful, and our thoughts have the power to influence much of our body’s biology. The emerging field of mind/body medicine is investigating just that. While much of the connection remains a mystery, new research shows the thoughts we think can improve or exacerbate chronic pain.

Read this article to learn how and why that happens and how you can shape your experience of pain through changing the way you think about it.

10. Are Your Habits Healthy?

Some habits we think are healthy actually cause harm. Do you have one of these insidiously harmful habits? Read this article to find out! Be sure to comment and let us know if you were surprised by any of the habits.

Change your habits and change your life.

What was your favorite Arizona Pain blog post from 2014?

Image by Asja Boros via Flickr

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