Top 10 Most Inspiring Body Positive Personalities

If you’re looking for body positive inspiration, look no further than social media to keep you motivated and feeling good. These superstars come in a range of sizes, and many have overcome physical or emotional hardships while on their journey to greater health.

From plus-sized yoga superstars to muscular hard bodies, these inspirational body positive fitness aficionados offer encouraging words to help you accept yourself no matter where you are on your health journey.

1. @AmbivalentMindYoga on Instagram

Kristy Rae’s more than 4,500 followers support this yoga-loving lady’s journey to health and commitment to a body positive mindset that she documents on Instagram.

Rae’s inspiring captions range from frustrations related to being a plus-sized athlete, like when an expensive yoga apparel store showcased plus-size yoga pants on a non-plus-sized model’s body, to encouraging mantras like, “Every body is a good body.”

2. @Massy.Arias on Instagram

This hard-bodied Instagram personality attracted 1.6 million followers for her passionate persistence, but Arias, also known as MankoFit, wasn’t always a celebrity trainer. She overcame debilitating depression through fitness and often says that fitness saved her life.

On her account, Arias posts body positive inspirational sayings, ideas for nutritious, easy-to-prepare meals, and fuel to flame the fire of dedication. On her website, Arias writes:

“I one day hope to influence a new generation of trainers to teach people a lifestyle instead of a quick fix to get a bikini body. I want to teach people to fully believe that being healthy really is being happy.”

3. @MyNameIsJessaMyn on Instagram

Jessamyn is a plus-sized Instagram yogi who inspires more than 33,000 followers every day, posting videos that embrace her curvy physique. Jessamyn offers a humorous approach to her curvaceous body, calling herself “fat femme” in her biographical blurb.

She posts about her daily experiences with yoga, offering workout tips and advice on the best equipment to use, and occasional thoughts about life. Above all, Jessamyn offers proof that there is not one stereotypical yoga body—all bodies are yoga bodies.

4. @Modern.Yogi on Instagram

This social media yogi posts pictures along with original, inspirational captions encouraging readers to accept and love themselves no matter where they are in life.

Modern Yogi, whose real name is Suzanne, became dedicated to health and wellness after a breast cancer diagnosis at 27. Today, she shares with readers her journey towards greater peace, self-acceptance, and health while following her dreams of writing books and teaching yoga.

Through sharing her progress and impasses, she aims to inspire others to follow their dreams, too, no matter what they encounter along the way.

5. Positive Body Image Inspiration on Facebook

Join this community of 3,400-plus people seeking to encourage each other to love themselves exactly how they are. Page organizers write:

“Too long we have been told by the media that our bodies are not right. They aren’t beautiful, and they aren’t aesthetically pleasing. This is a big middle finger to body shame.”

Like the page and your news feed will fill with articles full of reasons to love your belly no matter what and a list of compliments that honor all a person is. Examples include “you’re so fun to talk to” and “I’m so happy you exist.”

6. Body Positive Yoga blog

Run by yoga teacher Amber Karnes, Body Positive Yoga features tips for practicing poses safely, inspiration for feeling fit and fabulous regardless of size, and general life wisdom.

One recent post encouraged readers to live life now and not wait until the ideal body landed on their doorstep. It ended with ways to leave the past behind by staying in the present moment, taking baby steps to living the life you always wanted.

Karnes also posts on Instagram with the handle @amber_karnes.

7. Positive Body Image on Instagram and Tumblr

Run by two Canadian girls wanting to inspire people to love themselves, these pages are filled with inspirational body positive quotes and sayings to help readers see their beauty. This account features all quotes and no personal images. The girls write:

“Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change.”

8. @Kaym86 on Instagram

This account, run by Kaleigh Mancha, features pictures of yoga, fun, and food—including healthy comfort food and dessert recipes. In her captions, Mancha encourages people to enjoy life by focusing on the simple things and doing what makes them happy.

9. Plus Size Princess blog

CeCe, the Plus Size Princess, curates her blog content with one motto in mind: don’t wait on your weight.

Here, readers will find workouts and advice for healthy living, such as nutritious snacks to bring on an airplane and an entire section devoted to nutritious recipes. CeCe writes that she’s lost a good amount of weight and the key was loving herself no matter what. Other sections on the blog include dating and fashion.

CeCe also uploads frequent videos to YouTube and posts on Instagram.

10. Love Your Body blog

Blogger Talia Fuhrman, daughter of best-selling health book author Dr. Joel Fuhrman, grew up eating dried papaya and persimmons during lunch at school while her friends ate Lunchables and sugary fake fruit snacks.

Her background led to a healthy relationship with food and body image; Fuhrman says she doesn’t weigh herself and her No. 1 goal is to encourage people to have fun with health and love themselves no matter what.

Love Your Body contains healthy recipes and posts about body positive psychology, the practice of viewing life with an eye on possibility and mind focused on the beauty that exists everywhere. She writes:

“Remember that the sun will always shine, a simple cup of tea will always warm you up, and a hug from a close friend of family member will always make you feel great.”

Fuhrman defines health as an attitude, the process of learning enough about yourself to know what you need at each moment of the day. Taking steps backward and forward is part of the process, she says, but ultimately that tango helps people learn their triggers for unhealthy behaviors and how to avoid them.

Who is your favorite body positive blogger or social media personality?

Image by Kiran Foster via Flickr