Welcome – Jan 2012

The joys of a new year are many – and to say we are excited about 2012 wouldn’t quite capture the spirit of employees and patients at Arizona Pain. January brings a time for reflection. What went well in 2011? What could we have done differently?

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. – romans 12:21
– Tory McJunkin, MD and Paul Lynch, MD

If you are creating a list of resolutions, you are among the like-minded. Our staff of more than 140 employ- ees is just like you: we want this year to be the one we’ll always remember for the ways we were able to change for the better. Perhaps it’s losing that weight that’s causing unnecessary head- ache and physical pain. Or maybe it’s paying off debt and living life a bit more fru- gally to ease financial stress. Then again, your goals for the New Year may involve for- giveness – something we all likely could do a better job of. Without a doubt, your reso- lutions and ours will require unprecedented focus and determination.

To encourage you, a few ideas:

  • Make it visual – write out your goals and place them you must see them daily
  • Make it realistic – give yourself a practical set of numbers to work with; 2-3 pounds a week of weight loss is considered a healthy loss.
  • Celebrate – research shows we are more likely to stick to new behaviors if we build in rewards.
  • Be positive – It takes 21 days to create a new habit. You can do anything for three weeks. Tell yourself you can do it!

We wish you the very best in 2012!
From our families to yours,
Dr. Paul Lynch and Dr. Tory McJunkin, Founders Arizona Pain