Welcome January 2011

Welcome to the January issue of Arizona Pain Monthly. We hope the New Year finds you and your families well.
The year 2011 brings changes to Arizona Pain Monthly magazine. We are introducing new regular columns and features that we feel will be extremely beneficial to you and your families. We are also introducing a word to focus the monthly theme of the issue. For January’s Health and Wellness theme, the focus word is Bloom.

For those that suffer from chronic pain, it can be extremely difficult to move past the burden chronic pain places upon you and your families. Chronic pain stops you from enjoying the activities you used to do, and can keep you from your families and friends. At Arizona Pain, it is our goal to help lift the burden of pain and help you bloom into a new person who is not limited by the effects of pain. We want to help you get back into your life, and help you to make new memories. We have seen patients take up hobbies that they have always wanted to try but have been held back from by their pain – like scuba diving, painting, and skiing.

The knowledge of your painful condition and steps you can take at home to alleviate pain can be empowering. The physicians at Arizona Pain want nothing more than to educate you on your painful condition and the right treatments for you. We encourage you to research your condition and ask questions – we have many tools available to educate you as well.

A new feature column that partners with patient education will be our book section. We will review books that are relevant to pain patients and their family members.  Even with new columns and changes in Arizona Pain Monthly, we will continue to bring patient favorites like the recipe section, Ask the Expert, and Chiro Corner to you each month. As always, we welcome patient suggestions and insights to features and stories that you would like to see featured in Arizona Pain Monthly.

2011 is an exciting year for our practice as we are taking many of your suggestions to heart and are launching a “Quality Revolution” with the theme Changing Lives Daily.  Our goal is to make your experience here much more pleasant and rewarding. Stay tuned as we roll out more improvements!

We hope that this issue is educational and informative.  We thank you for your continued loyalty if you are a long-standing patient, and we welcome you to the Arizona Pain family if you are a new patient.

Until next time, remember at Arizona Pain, we believe you can be pain free.
Dr. Tory McJunkin & Dr. Paul Lynch