Welcome September, 2011

A word from our founders

Innovation marvels the mind; just think – some 20 years ago, we listened to music on cassette tape in portable boxes the size of bowling bags. Today, you can store thousands of artists and songs on a tiny computer chip in a digital music player that fits in your pocket. Not long ago, we were entranced with the men who walked on the moon, yet today we have reached Mars with the Spirit Rover. The Pony Express carried letters and news across the United States in record- breaking time – 10 days from coast to coast. Today, an email can travel to explorers on the South Pole in a matter of moments.

Granted, the most exciting breakthroughs and innovations for Arizona Pain are those in health care. It is nothing short of miraculous we are able to see more than 7000 patients each month, many of whom have advanced, detailed procedures under minimal sedation. Minimally invasive
surgery is nothing short of truly awesome. We feel incredibly lucky to be able to use the very latest innovations in our clinic and our procedure center to reduce the pain of our patients.

We recognize that to have a holistic medical practice, you must be able to offer your patients many treatment options. Or chiropractic team, in our opinion, is the best in the state. They offer traditional chiropractic care in addition to eastern modalities like acupuncture. Paired with the latest technologies of western medicine, we are able to provide comprehensive care for our patient patients. This is the ultimate in innovative care.

Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth. – John 17:17

For those with young families,like ours, we wish you the very best as your children likely return to school this month. May the month of September bring cooler weather,motivation for us all to keep learning and great blessings to you and your family.

From our families to yours,
Paul Lynch, MD and Tory McJunkin, MD
Arizona Pain Founders