Welcome May – 2012

If you have ever visited our offices at Arizona Pain, you know we are both huge sports fans. Within a few miles of our office are some of the country’s best golf courses, and the Phoenix area’s spring training facility for baseball too. We support the Phoenix Suns and are fans of the Phoenix Cardinals too. Our staff regularly organizes trips to see the local hockey team as well. This time of year makes it hard not to want to be outside playing sports and enjoying the best our local teams have to offer.

We know pain keeps many of our patients from enjoying their favorite activities, including exercise and sports. Pain keeps patients from making healthy diet choices too. We get it: you don’t feel well and the last thing you want to think about is counting calories or using a pedometer.

And yet, research shows you’ll likely feel better if you can change this mindset and make these healthy behaviors a priority. We work to not only reduce our patients’ pain, but also to improve their quality of life. We know a healthy lifestyle with a long lifespan includes daily exercise and a balanced, smart diet.

This month’s issue includes several pages of anti-inflammatory recipes and a feature on how to get back into the swing of exercise. We hope these, along with our care, provide the best tools to return our patients to optimal health.

From our families to yours,

Tory McJunkin, MD and Paul Lynch, MD
Arizona Pain Founders