Welcome Letter July – 2010

Welcome to the July issue of Arizona Pain Monthly! We hope your summer is going well so far.
We’re especially excited about this month’s issue. We are debuting two new columns – one is Stars of Arizona Pain. Each month, we will ask patients to let us know which staff member really stood out during their office visit or procedure. This is a great way for patients to get to know the staff even better! This month’s Star is Teddy from the procedure center – our patients always have something great to say about him!

Another new column is our Guest Expert Column. At Arizona Pain, we often team up with other physicians in many other specialties. You can look forward to columns written by orthopedic surgeons, podiatrists, cardiologists and other expert physicians we team up with every day in our continuing efforts to bring our patients the best care possible.

Do you “water-cise?” In the middle of another Arizona summer with quite a few hot days ahead of us, many find exercising outside to be impossible. We recommend taking your workout to the pool! Read this month’s Ask The Expert column for some great exercises that can all be performed in the pool. Just remember, even though you are in the water, you are not a fish – you cannot stay hydrated through skin absorption. Keep drinking your water!

Do you want to be part of a group that is on its way to being 100,000 strong? Join a community where you can find others just like you, support them and be supported. Go to www.ChronicPainSupportGroup.com and join the Chronic Pain Support Group through Facebook.com. This group already hosts over 175 discussion topics – come join in!

Also on Facebook.com, Arizona Pain will once again be featuring a monthly topic dedicated to health and wellness in relation to pain. July is Make a Change, Make a Habit month. Did you know it takes at least 21 days to form a habit? Beginning July 1st, we challenge you to decide what you are going to change. If you commit to this change, by the end of July, you will have formed a habit, hopefully for the better! Your change can be anything – from taking nutritional supplements daily, to writing down a great thought on a daily basis. Log on to the Arizona Pain Facebook.com group and let us know what your change is going to be!

We hope that this issue is educational and informative. Please contact us at  ?newsletter@ArizonaPain.com if you have any questions or comments.

We thank you for your continued loyalty if you are a long-standing patient, and we welcome you to the Arizona Pain family if you are a new patient.
Until next time, remember at Arizona Pain, we believe you can be pain-free.
Dr. Tory McJunkin and Dr. Paul Lynch