Welcome to the June 2011 issue

Welcome to the June edition of Arizona Pain Monthly! We hope you and your families are doing well. June is National Headache Month. Everyone will experience a headache at least once in their lives, and for many, it’s the type of headache that is painful for a few hours, and then disappears.For some, however, headaches are a chronic painful condition; a daily plague of pain and suffering.  We have successfully treated many patients who suffer from chronic headaches with our comprehensive approach to pain relief. We believe it is crucial to be aware of constantly evolving technology regarding chronic headaches, and now offer a research study for those with chronic daily headaches.

At Arizona Pain, we always work to find the source and causation of your pain. If you or someone you know has ever asked the question, “how do I know when enough is enough regarding my pain,” we have the answer for you. Asked by a friend on Facebook, we address this topic for those who feel like they have reached the end of their patience when it comes to pain.

Everyone is invited to join us Smiling Through June. Every day on our Facebook group or through email, let us know what makes you smile. Smiling – even if it’s just for yourself – can instantly lift your mood. It’s been shown that for a chronic pain patient, your mood can greatly affect what your pain level is and how your body feels.  For those with chronic pain, even the slightest lift in mood can have great effects.  Make a conscious effort to smile – not only will it lift your mood, but you may lift the mood of someone that sees you smile!

As summer arrives, we’d like to remind you to stay hydrated! In the extreme Arizona weather, dehydration is not only dangerous, but can cause painful dehydration headaches.  If you are going to be outside, we encourage you to keep drinking water and take frequent breaks in the shade. We hope that this issue is educational and informative.

We thank you for your continued loyalty if you are a long-standing patient, and we welcome you to the Arizona Pain family if you are a new patient. Until next time, remember at Arizona Pain, we believe you can be pain-free.