April Welcome Letter – 2012

April fool’s day is a trick- ster’s paradise; famous pranks have included the 1985 Sport’s Illustrated story about the new rookie pitcher for the Mets – Sidd Finch – who pitched 168 miles per hour. Or the time in 1996 when Taco Bell announced they’d purchased the liberty Bell and were renaming it the Taco liberty Bell, or in 1990 when golf aficionados worldwide were shocked to read in Golf magazine that Augusta national – home to the elite Master’s tournament – was going public.

Pain is also tricky.  Part of the artistry of treating a patient’s pain is recognizing no two patients present the exact same way. Likewise, patients rarely respond precisely the same way to treatment. To provide a patient with the most effective form of pain management and relief, we must know as much information as possible about the patient’s past, and have as many tools as possible in hand as treatment options.

Thankfully, the physicians working for Arizona Pain have just that. With innovative diagnostic tools on site, we don’t have to send our patients out for complex MRIs. We can do them in house at some locations. We don’t have to send our patients away for an EMG. Instead, we have one of the nation’s most renowned EMG physicians on staff to see patients as soon as possible. If our physicians think acupuncture, decompression therapy or chiropractic touch is the best option – we have an accomplished chiropractic department at each location too. Finally, we don’t have to send our patients away for
procedures when conservative treatment options stop working. Our staff performs pain-relieving procedures on site daily.

We will not be tricked by pain. Nor will we let our patients suffer needlessly. We hope this April brings you and your family joy and relief!

From our families to yours,
Dr. Tory McJunkin and Dr. Paul lynch founders of Arizona Pain