Living With Cervical Spinal Stenosis: Symptoms + Treatment  

One of the most common types of pain-causing, wear-and-tear conditions is cervical spinal stenosis. This stenosis is the narrowing of the spine that is most common in the lower back but can also affect the neck. Living with spinal stenosis in the neck can cause daily symptoms that impact your life. Here’s what you should know.

How To Find The Best Neuropathic Pain Treatments For You

When your peripheral or central nervous system is damaged, the resulting neuropathic pain can be one of the toughest types to treat. Whether you are in constant pain or experience intense symptoms that come and go, most neuropathic pain is not likely to resolve itself. It’s critical that you get the support you need to find the best neuropathic pain treatments to help you get your life back. 

Suboxone For Pain: Uses, Benefits, And FAQs

When it comes to chronic pain, relief can be hard to find. Many patients, frustrated by their unresponsive pain levels, turn to opioids as their only choice. But research is finding that the risks of opioids far outweigh the potential pain relief (and that long-term pain relief is actually minimal). If this sounds like you, keep reading. Long used in medication-assisted treatment of substance use disorders, Suboxone for pain is an option that can safely moderate pain levels with less chance of dependence or addiction.

Can Anxiety Cause Nerve Pain?

Neuropathic pain on its own is stressful enough. It can be difficult to diagnose and treat, and chronic pain conditions can lead to further mental health challenges. But can anxiety cause nerve pain? Here’s what we know, plus 14 treatment options for both.

calf pain at night

What Causes Calf Pain At Night And How To Relieve It

ortant a good night’s sleep is. More than just a break from the challenges of the day, sleep helps the body heal and better deal with life’s daily stresses. If you experience calf pain at night, a full measure of shut-eye may prove elusive. Here are some common causes of calf pain at night, along with suggestions to prevent and relieve it.