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Painful Truth

A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. ~ Proverbs 17:22 It’s 2013, the start of a new year, and we’ve got a big book ahead of you. This issue our focus is on opioids, and we want to set a few things straight before we get into it. [...]

2012 October Welcome

Scary Symptoms  We’re often reminded of the fragility of our lives when tragedy strikes us at the worst possible time. Last year, an acquaintance of one of our employees passed away from a stroke at just 40 years old. This month, almost a year to the day after that first incident, another friend of theirs [...]

Welcome September – 2012

While putting together this issue, we learned an interesting statistic that although we knew from our work, we hadn’t really quantified before. It turns out that when it comes to fears about getting old, 25% of all people are afraid of living in pain, while only 10% are afraid of dying itself. Let that soak in [...]

Poison Pen

An interesting statistic popped up the other day, bringing up  a subject most people don’t  think about. The headline read: “Poisoning Killing More Americans Than Car Crashes.” Do most Americans think about getting poisoned as a real problem? It is, and a good portion of  it is due to drugs. To quote Bloomberg.com, “Nationwide, 13.3 [...]

Welcome – Jan 2012

The joys of a new year are many – and to say we are excited about 2012 wouldn’t quite capture the spirit of employees and patients at Arizona Pain Specialists. January brings a time for reflection. What went well in 2011? What could we have done differently? Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome [...]

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