Comprehensive Assessment of Chronic Pain Outcomes

From The LabBy Ted Swing, Ph.D The experience of pain is one of the most important medical challenges of our time. Pain is the most common reason people seek medical care in the U.S. Chronic pain, defined as pain lasting several months or more, affects one third of American adults, with 9% experiencing moderate or … Read more

St. Jude Medical Invisible Trial Comparative Study

From the LabBy Ted Swing, Ph.D. One of the rapidly advancing areas in the treatment of chronic pain is the use of implantable neurostimulation devices. The most common of these are spinal cord stimulators. These devices are typically used in patients who have failed to get adequate relief from medications and conservative treatments such as … Read more

Research Studies Update

What’s going on in the Research department. By Ted Swing, Ph.D. The development of new treatments for pain depends on studies called clinical trials. Clinical trials are studies that typically take place at many locations around the country — sometimes around the world. The study is supported by a sponsor, but the treatments are overseen … Read more

New Study to Examine the Efficacy of Burst Neurostimulation

From the Research Dept.New Study to Examine the Efficacy of Burst NeurostimulationBy Ted Swing, Ph.D. One of the frontiers in the treatment of chronic pain is neurostimulation (also called neuromodulation). Neurostimulation involves devices that deliver electrical pulses to alter nerve responses. When used in the brain, this can be used to prevent epileptic seizures or … Read more