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Tere Derbez-Zacher World Champion Runner

Positive Energy By Kevin Whipps It’s 5 a.m. on a weekday, and a woman is lacing up her shoes to head out for a run. It’s not a jog for her health, it’s not about trying to reach some personal goal. It’s to forget. To try to work out the pain she felt from her [...]

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Cari Lash – RadioFrequency Ablation

Radiofrequency Ablation Testimonial - Cari L. from Arizona Pain on Vimeo. Whether our time is spent sitting at a desk all day, or up and about moving around our workspace, our legs can do a lot of heavy lifting. If they’re ever strained, overworked or just plain get fatigued, sometimes the solution is just to [...]

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Aaron Pflugrad – Small Player, Big Heart

The road to the NFl is a tough one, fraught with injuries, contract negotiations and hard work. Oh, and pain. lots and lots of pain. But let’s start at the beginning of Aaron’s story, back when he was just a kid growing up in Arizona. Back in the mid-90s, Robin Pflugrad, Aaron’s dad, was working at [...]

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Ron Barnard – Southern Africa Mission

In 2006, Ron Barnard darted into traffic to prevent a friend’s 4-year-old son from being hit by an on-coming truck. successfully pulling the child to safety, Barnard took the brunt of the impact himself. The minister’s life- transforming moment of bravery resulted in long-term chronic pain. I suffered a concussion, a severely broken left femur, [...]

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Patient Profile: Ron Barnard

Minister Saves Boy's Life By Darting into Traffic By Kelli Donley The Accident: It was a Sunday morning in June 2006. Ron Barnard had just finished preaching in Rose bud, Arkansas. His sermon provided unwelcome foreshadowing for the day ahead. “I spoke how Jesus has conquered death for us,” he says. I actually said, ‘Pardon [...]

Patient Profile – Yvonne Turner Gonzalez

Yvonne, Turner-Gonzalez, 43 from Chandler, says Dr. Tory McJunkin’s care improved her quality of life. Q: What brought you to APS? I suffer from migraines, and upper/ lower back pain. My arms and legs would go numb because of radiating pain. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and bulging/cracked discs. Q: how are you [...]

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Healing Walk

Yes, Patti Koblewski's finish at the Honolulu Marathon is remarkable. As a patient of Arizona Pain Specialists, she recovered from spine surgery to finish, of all things, a race of endurance. This is nothing short of miraculous. yet this isn’t just another story of an APS patient who’s gone on to incredible athletic accomplishment. Patti [...]

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