What Is Gua Sha And Could It Help Me Manage My Pain?

Gua sha is a Chinese medical technique where the skin is lightly scraped to create bruising on the surface of the body, usually on the back and neck. Here’s what you should know about this technique and what others have said about its use in pain management. What is gua sha? Gua sha (pronounced gwah sah) is … Read more

Should I Try Acupuncture For Headaches?

With a more than a 3,000 year history, acupuncture is a low-risk method that helps many with pain relief. It was first introduced in China and spread throughout Asia before making its way westward to Europe and the United States. Partly due to its ancient history and efficacy, acupuncture has been acknowledged by both the … Read more

Treatment For Fibromyalgia – 5 Cutting-Edge Findings

Fibromyalgia is a condition that is defined broadly by an onset of pain throughout the body. It can carry with it symptoms such as fatigue, cognitive issues, anxiety, and poor balance. Around ten million people in the United States are affected by fibro, so it is definitely a problem that is starting to get more … Read more

What Is Reiki And Is It Safe For Pain Management?

Reiki is a form of energy work, which is a collection of practices that are believed to enhance the free flow of life-force energy. Encouraging the flow of this invisible energy, sometimes called chi or prana, is also the basis of other, better-known energy work treatments such as acupuncture. Although scientific research examining the benefits … Read more

World Cancer Day Highlights Solutions For Rising Cancer Rates

This Feb. 4 people around the world will honor World Cancer Day, a time devoted to raising awareness about cancer solutions. News reports often emphasize the number of deaths and escalating rates of those affected. However, greater knowledge about the disease and improvements in treatment, prevention, and detection have at the same time increased the … Read more

Arizona Pain: Changing Lives 1 Patient At A Time

Arizona Pain was founded based on the principle that everybody experiencing chronic pain deserves the best possible treatment. Comprehensive pain care is incredibly complex because of the multi-faceted nature of pain. 2 people experiencing the same type of pain may have separate causes for that pain. Because of the complexity of chronic pain, many doctors … Read more