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Migraine Symptoms May Be Linked To Childhood Trauma

More and more research is being conducted that analyzes the effects of childhood trauma on adult health. Childhood trauma is defined as a life event that threatens the safety of the child or their caregivers. It can either be acute or chronic in nature. Typical symptoms from a traumatic event include reduced ability to concentrate, [...]

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Cerebral Palsy: Be Aware Of The Basics

17 million people live with cerebral palsy worldwide and another 350 million are closely connected with someone who does. March is a whole month dedicated to spreading awareness about cerebral palsy. In an effort to help everyone learn about this condition, let's spend some time going over the basics. First things first, there are nine [...]

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The Untold Story Of Young People in Chronic Pain

Think of chronic pain, and a young person is likely not the first image to pop in your mind. About 5% of children and adolescents live with the condition, however, according to research from the American Pain Society. Their burden is largely silent, yet no less burdensome than an adult with pain. Young people with [...]

Let’s Move! Childhood Obesity Initiative Celebrates 5 Years—But Is It Working?

Five years ago, First Lady Michelle Obama launched the Let’s Move! initiative to curtail staggeringly high rates of childhood obesity. The program emphasizes wholesome habits for food and fitness in hopes of making kids healthier within one generation. About one-third of all children and adolescents are overweight or obese, according to the campaign, and that [...]

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