frozen shoulder syndrome

9 Common Frozen Shoulder Causes and How to Treat It

Has putting on clothes or reaching for something on a shelf become more difficult? Do you find yourself keeping your shoulder as still as possible to avoid the pain? If so, you may have frozen shoulder syndrome, a difficult and long-lasting but very treatable condition. Read on to learn more about frozen shoulder causes and what you can do to both reduce pain and increase range of motion.

frozen shoulder massage

How To Perform A Frozen Shoulder Massage Or Stretching Routine

Shoulder pain from a frozen shoulder can make it difficult to move, but a frozen shoulder will typically only worsen if you stop using it. This is when a frozen shoulder massage or stretches can be beneficial. While it may be difficult, especially at first, keep moving in order to keep your shoulder from completely freezing. Always check with your doctor first, but once you get the okay, here are some massages and stretches you may be able to do.

frozen shoulder symptoms

5 Frozen Shoulder Symptoms: Early And More Advanced Signs

Reaching for a plate from the cupboard is something you probably don’t think twice about. As healthy and active adults, these everyday tasks are seemingly effortless. Unfortunately, for patients with intense shoulder pain, even basic movement can feel impossible. Frozen shoulder syndrome is one of the many conditions responsible for nagging aches, pains, and tightness in this ball-and-socket joint. If you’re suffering from an unknown cause of shoulder pain and tightness, here’s what you need to know about frozen shoulder symptoms.