How To Start With Meditation For Pain Relief

How To Start With Meditation For Pain Relief Some cultures claim that meditation can promote well-being through strengthening a person’s mind. However, this isn’t something that is widely accepted in the Western world as medically beneficial. If you ask around, many people will regale you with imagery from monks isolated on high stony peaks to … Read more

Find Your Center: Meditation And Support Groups In Arizona

If you suffer from a chronic condition of any kind, finding some peace of mind and support is crucial. In Arizona, we’ve got some of the best places to find support groups and your center. Meditation centers in Arizona If you’re ever wanted to learn how to meditate, but weren’t sure how, a meditation center … Read more

Bloggers We Love: Dr. Christiane Wolf

Meditation is a powerful tool for rewiring the brain’s emotional and physical responses—both critical when it comes to managing chronic pain. Dr. Christiane Wolf is a meditation teacher, physician, and life coach who speaks extensively on the ability of mindfulness practices to alleviate chronic pain. Meditation changes lives, she says, by teaching people how to … Read more

Rethinking Headaches: New Ways Of Treating And Looking At The Common Pain

Headaches are perhaps one of the more ubiquitous health problems, with as many as 90% of U.S. adults suffering through the pain of a pounding head at some point in their lives, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS). Headaches may be common, but that makes them no less disruptive to … Read more

3 Mindful Practices To Dissolve Stress And Promote Happiness

There’s a bright spot of news amid frightening statistics that illustrate the harsh environment stress creates in the body, and that’s all the people who are embracing mindful practices like meditation, yoga, and tai chi to relax and melt tension. Research suggests that while stress is unhealthy, a big part of managing that tension is … Read more

Using The Holmes Rahe Stress Scale

The link between stress and health problems is becoming increasingly well-known, but the idea is not new. In 1967, two researchers named Thomas Holmes and Richard Rahe conducted a landmark study to measure the effects of stress on health. The result, the Holmes Rahe Stress Scale, is today widely used to forecast how likely a … Read more

How Your Thoughts Heal Or Hurt — And How To Change Them

It’s been said that many people are their own worst critics. For people with chronic pain, a specific type of internal criticism can actually worsen pain, according to a study published in the Journal of Pain. The study examined how a psychological phenomenon known as internalized stigma affects a person’s experience of pain. Internalized stigma … Read more