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Behind Bars: The Mental Health Crisis In Prison

The U.S. has the world’s highest incarceration rate, and many of those behind bars suffer from mental health issues, leading advocates to call prisons the country’s de facto mental asylums, according to a report by the Treatment Advocacy Center (TAC). The report, issued in 2014, found that while state and county correction facilities nationwide housed [...]

February On Inside Pain: Tide Turns Against Opioids, Guide To Pain Management, And More

This February on Arizona Pain, you can read about new developments in medical thinking, and how they’re impacting the types of treatments available to patients with chronic pain. One area of monumental change is opioids: it’s a hot topic, particularly with record rates of people overdosing and sometimes dying from taking these dangerous drugs. With sky-high [...]

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Telemedicine For Chronic Pain Treatment

Decades ago, advances in pharmacology gave chronic pain patients hope with increasingly strong drugs that the medical community and patients alike thought could alleviate their suffering. The reality has been much different. The drugs, including opioids, resulted in a widespread epidemic of prescription drug abuse that has wrecked lives through overdose and addiction. Today, advances [...]

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