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Top 10 Food Choices You Can Make For Chronic Pain Management

With the flood of fad diets and weight loss programs bombarding you from every side, it’s difficult to figure out what you should and shouldn’t eat. It becomes even more complicated when you’ve got one or more medical conditions, such as chronic pain. Before you know it, figuring out mealtimes can become downright stressful. Eating [...]

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8 Ways To Practice Comprehensive Pain Management In Your Life

The dangers of opioids are becoming increasingly well known. Not only are these powerful drugs dangerous, research shows they may not be particularly effective at diminishing long-term pain. Fortunately, many new opioid-free avenues of treating chronic pain are emerging while traditional, ancient methods are gaining the modern stamp of approval through rigorous clinical trials. Combining [...]

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Your Pain Might Not Be Where You Think It Is.

The Hurt Locker By Kevin Whipps Six months ago, I woke up in blinding pain. I was positive I had broken my big toe — I had no evidence that was the case, but it hurt so much it felt like it just had to be broken, there was simply no other diagnosis. I could [...]

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Larger Glendale Pain Management Clinic Announcement

Originally published on Larger Glendale pain management clinic announcement- Arizona Pain Specialists, the premier pain management clinic in the greater Phoenix area, opened a new Glendale office space to better accommodate their rapidly growing number of chronic pain patients.  Glendale, AZ (PRWEB) March 12, 2012 The Arizona Pain Specialist team is proud to [...]

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Stop running around and get help at one location.

One-Stop Shop Stop running around and get help at one location. By Kevin Whipps You’re running errands one afternoon, when a tinge of pain hints you in your lower back. No biggie, you’ll hit the chiropractor later, right? Then time goes on, and you see one of those handy chiropractors that has a space next [...]

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Phoenix Location Press Release

Arizona Pain Specialists Now Serving Patients in Phoenix with New Pain Clinic Arizona’s leading pain management center specializing in the treatment for chronic and acute pain has opened a new clinic in Phoenix at the Desert Ridge Medical Campus. Scottsdale, AZ. – March 4, 2013 – PR Web –Arizona Pain Specialists ( is now offering [...]

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Editors Letter

BACK PAIN It’s early — too early. Your eyes open up and as you blink away the sleep from your eyes you remember that you should probably replace your bed, or flip it, or whatever the mattress people suggest. Either way, it’s just not comfortable. You roll to your side, and just as you start [...]

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Kristen Wesley Battles Pain

We take medicine because it’s designed to fix a problem. Something is wrong with us — allergies, blood pressure, pain — and we use the medication to solve the issue. If there’s no other way to treat the problem, and medication is able to fix it, then that’s the path we take. But sometimes those [...]

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Welcome May – 2012

If you have ever visited our offices at Arizona Pain Specialists, you know we are both huge sports fans. Within a few miles of our office are some of the country’s best golf courses, and the Phoenix area’s spring training facility for baseball too. We support the Phoenix Suns and are fans of the Phoenix [...]

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