6 Revolutionary Pain Research Studies

Pain research is an active area for scientists, who are investigating everything from new treatments to deeper understandings of how the brain processes pain signals. Insights that begin in a lab can ultimately affect millions of people’s lives. Not all research is monumental or revolutionary, but these six studies are pretty wow-worthy. 1. New, non-addictive pain … Read more

How To Live With Pain

The pain is constant. You kind of remember what it was like before all this happened, but more often than not, those blissful, pain-free days are a distant memory. You’re trying to figure out how to live this way, how to make it work. Some days, you’re successful. But other days, you just want to … Read more

When the Ache Isn’t Specific, it Can Be a Major Problem

By Kevin Whipps Pain of all kinds is difficult to deal with, but there are some types of pain that are easier to manage than others. With headaches, for example, you know where the problem is and therefore where to focus your attention. But what about the pain that seems to come from everywhere that … Read more

Your Pain Might Not Be Where You Think It Is.

The Hurt LockerBy Kevin Whipps Six months ago, I woke up in blinding pain. I was positive I had broken my big toe — I had no evidence that was the case, but it hurt so much it felt like it just had to be broken, there was simply no other diagnosis. I could barely … Read more