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Awesome Potato Salad

An autumnal take on potato salad, roasted blue potatoes and caramelized shallots are paired with crisp-tender green beans and balsamic vinaigrette. Blue cheese lends a lively tang to earthy vegetables and balsamic vinegar is sweet and mellow. Rosemary is a natural partner to balsamic vinegar, and its evergreen aroma reinforces the feeling of fall. If [...]

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Healthy Delicious Pain-free Food

The fresh herb, tarragon, infuses this simple potato salad with its anise flavor. Rich smoked salmon pairs nicely with boiled potatoes cloaked in a bright lemon vinaigrette. This light and healthy dish makes for a satisfying lunch or a simple, elegant addition to a picnic or potluck. Ingredients: 2 pounds potatoes, cut in half if [...]

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