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Hot Teas As Cold Weather Cures For Pain And Other Ailments

Tea is a time-honored tradition that was brought to our culture from the Far East through the English empire. Human history is literally steeped in tea. In ancient China, tea was frequently used for medicinal purposes. It eventually made its way to Europe and, especially, England where it became popular in the 17th century. The [...]

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Best Teas For Health

There’s just something special about sitting back and relaxing with a steaming hot cup of tea. Tea not only tastes good, it also offers a variety of health benefits, including improved memory and cardiovascular health. Tea was first discovered in China thousands of years ago, and has been a popular beverage all over the East [...]

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The Science of Herbal and Supplemental Medicine

By Ted Swing, Ph.D. Herbal medicines have thousands of years of history in cultures around the world. Other types of supplemental medicines make use of naturally occurring chemicals and extracts. Today, these treatments re main widely used for a variety of conditions, including conditions causing chronic pain. These treatments are regarded by the US Food [...]

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