How To Manage Pain During Travel: By Air Or During Road Trips

No matter how you’re traveling, it’s likely that you’ll run into some issues. Here’s our best tips for how to manage pain during travel, whether you’re going by plane or car. Managing common travel issues for pain patients  The best way to manage pain during travel is to prepare for it beforehand. We have more … Read more

Tips For Traveling With Chronic Pain

For many people, the holidays bring travel, whether to visit family, friends, or escape on a vacation. Nobody relishes the idea of sitting on a cramped plane, train, or automobile for hours on end, but for people with chronic pain, the rigors of traveling can become very uncomfortable. Fortunately, by preparing ahead of time and … Read more

Ron Barnard – Southern Africa Mission

In 2006, Ron Barnard darted into traffic to prevent a friend’s 4-year-old son from being hit by an on-coming truck. successfully pulling the child to safety, Barnard took the brunt of the impact himself. The minister’s life- transforming moment of bravery resulted in long-term chronic pain. I suffered a concussion, a severely broken left femur, … Read more