Join Us For Our Coronavirus Webinar Series

coronavirus webinar
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Arizona Pain is hosting a webinar series with pertinent issues for those who are suffering from chronic pain during this pandemic. These webinars will focus on therapies and strategies to combat various pain conditions within the current environment. Learn more about our upcoming webinars below, or watch our previous webinars online at the bottom of this page. Learn more about our full COVID-19 response at Arizona Pain, including telehealth options, here.

COVID And How It Could Affect Your Sleep 

On July 9, Dr. Paul Lynch who served in New York City on the front lines of the COVID Care Unit shared his personal and professional experience of how coronavirus affects sleep.

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Superior Pain Relief with HF10 Stimulation

On May 18, Dr. McJunkin discussed the benefits of treating chronic pain with Nevro HF10 Stimulation.

Watch the webinar now at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-JxZUpf-UQ

nevro webinar

Managing Chronic Pain For A Better Night’s Sleep

On May 14, Dr. McJunkin, along with Valley Sleep Center, discussed options for managing chronic pain and getting a better night’s sleep.

Watch the webinar now at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTFvdEC8XPo

sleep webinar

Knee Pain At Home Solutions 

On May 6, Dr. David Ray and Dr. Chance Moore presented treatments and exercises for those suffering from chronic knee pain.

Watch the webinar now at https://youtu.be/T0QHvpC0hqw

knee pain webinar

Back Pain At Home Solutions

On April 29, Dr. David Ray and Dr. Chance Moore presented at home solutions for patients with back pain.

Watch the webinar now at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9zolU6gmNk.&nbsp

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Neck Pain: At Home Solutions

On April 22, Dr. Tory McJunkin and Dr. Chance Moore presented at home solutions for patients with neck pain.

neck pain webinar

Coronavirus: From The Front-Lines

Our own Dr. Paul Lynch, who is currently volunteering and working in the intensive care units in NYC, hosted an important webinar about Coronavirus, including discussions about:

  1. What the Coronavirus looks like from the front-lines
  2. What we are doing to protect our patients in Arizona
  3. How to protect yourself and your family at home