Can Weight Loss Cure Arthritis?

Can weight loss cure arthritis? Not exactly. There are over 100 forms of arthritis, each with different causes, affecting over 50 million people in the U.S. annually. But, while all of these different types of arthritis have varying treatment goals and approaches, there’s one preventative strategy they all have in common. And that’s where weight … Read more

How To Incorporate Easy Yoga For Arthritis Into Your Routine

If you suffer from the pain of arthritis, you know how important it is to find holistic options for relieving pain and stiffness. Thankfully, yoga for arthritis is a gentle option that incorporates joint-freeing poses with mindfulness meditation. Here’s how to get started with easy yoga for arthritis, including a full at-home sequence. What is … Read more

October Reads On Arizona Pain: Living Well With Arthritis, Breast Cancer Awareness News

This month on Arizona Pain, we dove into breast cancer awareness and living better with arthritis. The topics are timely because October marks awareness initiatives for both conditions. Education is one of our cornerstone philosophies for excellent, effective patient care, and awareness efforts dovetail with that mission. We wanted to bring you the latest research … Read more

How To Exercise Safely With Knee Osteoarthritis

People living with knee osteoarthritis often find it painful to move. Eroding cartilage in the knee can make it painful to walk or navigate the stairs. However exercise is one the best non-drug treatments to reduce pain and improve mobility, making it important for osteoarthritis patients to find a way to move despite the pain. … Read more

Gift Ideas For People With Arthritis

The holidays mark the perfect time to gift someone with arthritis a special something that will make their days a little brighter with arthritis gifts. Arthritis affects more than 50 million people in the U.S., according to the Arthritis Foundation, making the chances good that you know at least one person with the disorder. Many … Read more

Can A Vegan Diet Improve Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms?

Eating a diet full of fruits and vegetables, which offer an array of nature’s most potent anti-inflammatory compounds, is commonly recommended to help quiet inflammation associated with rheumatoid arthritis. Some people are going one step further and adopting a vegan diet, which involves eliminating meat and animal products, such as milk and cheese. Several studies … Read more

The Major Vitamin D Benefits For Your Body

Vitamin D has long been referred to as “the sunshine vitamin,” and with good reason. The ultraviolet rays of the sun are tasked with providing people with the majority of the vitamin D they need for good health. But a recent decline in outdoor activity rates, combined with inadequate vitamin D intake in food, have resulted in a rise in vitamin D deficiency across the globe. Vitamin D is a crucial part of good health. In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about vitamin D.

Using CBD For Pain: How It Works And FAQs

Every time a promising new treatment for chronic pain appears, patients experience a fresh burst of optimism, because maybe this is the treatment that will finally offer relief. Perhaps this will be the magic missing piece to solve their puzzle of pain. Is CBD for pain that magic piece?

Mental Health Conditions

Mental Health Conditions like Schizophrenia, and ADHD as well as Chronic Pain Hurts Healthy Lifestyles Our 10-Week Center of Excellence Outpatient Program can help you get back to a healthy, stress-free life. Your comprehensive mental health treatment plan will help you with Schizophrenia and ADHD. Imagine if Schizophrenia and ADHD wasn’t holding you back every … Read more