October Reads On Arizona Pain: Living Well With Arthritis, Breast Cancer Awareness News

This month on Arizona Pain, we dove into breast cancer awareness and living better with arthritis. The topics are timely because October marks awareness initiatives for both conditions.

Education is one of our cornerstone philosophies for excellent, effective patient care, and awareness efforts dovetail with that mission. We wanted to bring you the latest research news and some fresh perspectives to honor these initiatives, as well as give you practical tips you can implement right now to improve your life.

We also wanted to introduce ourselves to you, and we’re excited to do that through video and blog posts, which also appeared this month. Thank you for reading! As always, please reach out with any questions. We love talking with our community.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Statistics show that about one in eight women will develop breast cancer at some point during their lives, making Breast Cancer Awareness Month an important time to encourage women to visit the doctor or do a self-exam.

Check out:

  • National Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Get the low-down on everything you need to know about this important month, from why not all awareness efforts are everything they’re purported to be to the different types of breast cancer that affect women. You’ll also learn what to do if you’ve just been diagnosed and ways to support a friend or loved one going through treatment.
  • 6 Ways To Reduce Breast Cancer Risk: Multiple factors influence a person’s risk of developing breast cancer, and fortunately, many of them are under a person’s control. Read this article to discover the most powerful risk-reduction diet and how you can limit the amount of chemicals you’re exposed to on a daily basis.

Arthritis awareness

Arthritis is one of the most common pain conditions. In the advanced stages, it can lead to significantly reduced mobility and diminished quality of life. Learning about the condition and ways of managing it is one of the most important things you can do to live well. Since October 12 marks World Arthritis Day, we thought it was a good time to raise awareness and join together to create community so people feel less alone. About 175 million people worldwide have some form of arthritis.

Check out:

  • Arthritis Patients Face Increased Risk Of Poverty: If living with a chronic condition wasn’t bad enough, research now shows that people with arthritis face an increased risk of falling into poverty. This article dives into the link and the latest research. You’ll also find a list of important resources if you or anyone you know needs help paying for medical treatment. One organization even offers support for those facing workplace discrimination related to arthritis pain.
  • What Are The Early Symptoms Of Arthritis?: Although most people don’t visit their doctors until arthritis has advanced, seeking medical attention early and establishing a proactive treatment plan can do wonders for increasing quality of life and reducing pain. If you’re experiencing some odd symptoms and are wondering if they’re signs of developing arthritis, read this article for more information.
  • How Arthritis And Mood Disorders Are Linked: Those of you who are chronic pain patients know first-hand the stress, uncertainty, and dark days that sometimes accompany living with a chronic condition. It may help you feel better to know that you’re not alone. Read this article to learn how pervasive the link between arthritis and mood disorders is and some steps you can take to possibly feel better.

Living well with arthritis

Arthritis can be painful and limiting, but we take special pride in empowering patients to know they can make positive changes and exert greater influence over their health. This month, we’ve put together a package of articles to help you do just that.

Check out:

  • How Managing Weight May Reduce Arthritis Pain: Experts aren’t sure what causes arthritis, but they do know that losing weight is an important way to help reduce the pain it causes. Read this article to learn key ways losing a few pounds could pay off in more ways than one.
  • How To Exercise Safely With Knee Osteoarthritis: Incorporating more movement into your day when you have osteoarthritis can seem like a Catch 22—movement can be difficult because of pain, but limiting movement worsens pain. If you’re experiencing this conundrum, read this article for tips on the most effective types of exercise, as well as how to exercise safely to reduce pain.
  • How Flexibility Benefits Joint Health: Flexible joints are healthy joints! This month, we explore exactly how flexibility enhances movement and offer tips on how to increase flexibility regardless of your current physical condition.
  • A Gentle Home Yoga Practice For Arthritis Patients: If you’ve been looking for ways to add yoga into your fitness routine, but aren’t sure how, this article is for you! You’ll learn an extremely gentle practice known as the joint freeing series that will help improve joint flexibility without requiring any of the more rigorous poses that may have scared you away from yoga.

Arizona Pain news

At Arizona Pain, we work diligently to keep our patients up-to-date on the latest research. We’re also always looking for new ways to improve our patients’ lives. We have some exciting news this month!

Check out:

  • Meet The Doctors At Arizona Pain: Education and community are cornerstone philosophies at our health center. We’re so proud of the team we’ve put together, and wanted to take some time this month to introduce you to some of them. Hear from our doctors first-hand why they’ve chosen to devote their lives to pain management and learn the most inspiring moments they’ve witnessed during their time here.
  • Pain Doctor Cares Giveaway!: Could you use an extra $5,000 to help pay for medical bills? Enter the Pain Doctor Giveaway! Check out this article to learn all the details, including how to enter.
  • From The Lab: A Research Study Recap: From research trials into phantom limb pain and complex regional pain syndrome, to ground-breaking new work into treating spinal stenosis, Arizona Pain’s researchers have been busy this month!

What was your favorite Arizona Pain article this month?

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