Awesome Potato Salad

An autumnal take on potato salad, roasted blue potatoes and caramelized shallots are paired with crisp-tender green beans and balsamic vinaigrette. Blue cheese lends a lively tang to earthy vegetables and balsamic vinegar is sweet and mellow. Rosemary is a natural partner to balsamic vinegar, and its evergreen aroma reinforces the feeling of fall. If … Read more

Fish, Chicken – Herb Marinade

Ingredients: Olive oil – ½  cup Lemon juice – 2 tbsp Garlic (diced) – 4 cloves Basil (diced) – 4 leaves Thyme (diced) – 3 sprigs Rosemary (diced) – 1 sprig Oregano(diced) – 2 sprigs Cayenne Pepper – 1 tbsp Salt & Pepper – to taste Directions: In a bowl combine all ingredients and mix … Read more