Top 10 Most Inspiring Body Positive Personalities

If you’re looking for body positive inspiration, look no further than social media to keep you motivated and feeling good. These superstars come in a range of sizes, and many have overcome physical or emotional hardships while on their journey to greater health. From plus-sized yoga superstars to muscular hard bodies, these inspirational body positive … Read more

Forget About Losing Weight And Focus On Feeling Good

Amidst the barrage of skinny worshiping that happens on a daily basis, it can be difficult for those who don’t fit into a size small to feel good about themselves. People with health conditions like chronic pain may feel especially pressured to lose weight, and any difficulty shedding pounds frequently leads to frustration. If this … Read more

Reimagine Workouts With Green Exercise

Exercising creates health and spending time in nature boosts mental health, so combine the two into green exercise and what do you get? A phenomenally beneficial activity that further enhances the benefits of exercise, researchers at Coventry University have found. To examine the impacts of green exercise on a group of children, scientists showed study … Read more

CAKE Movie, Starring Jennifer Aniston, Portrays Chronic Pain

The subject of chronic pain is so pervasive that it’s finally making its way into popular culture. The latest movie cataloguing life with pain is Cake, starring Jennifer Aniston. The movie hits theaters Jan. 23, 2015. In Cake, Jennifer Aniston plays a Los Angeles woman with chronic pain named Claire Simmons, whose acerbic wit lends … Read more

WILD Review: Grieving Woman Finds Peace On Solo Trek

The nearly two-hour screen adaptation of Cheryl Strayed’s best-selling memoir Wild could have been a bore. The book catalogues Strayed’s intensely internal trajectory as she evolves from a pained, drug-addled woman struggling during the aftermath of her mother’s death to someone fierce enough to walk with sandals duck-taped to her feet during a 1,100-mile solo … Read more

Eating Healthy to Relieve Depression

Researchers have for many years understood the physical benefits bestowed by a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Now, the impact diet has on mental health is coming into focus with an increasing amount of research linking the two. The foods you eat feed the body as well as the brain, with healthy foods reducing … Read more

How Your Thoughts Heal Or Hurt — And How To Change Them

It’s been said that many people are their own worst critics. For people with chronic pain, a specific type of internal criticism can actually worsen pain, according to a study published in the Journal of Pain. The study examined how a psychological phenomenon known as internalized stigma affects a person’s experience of pain. Internalized stigma … Read more

Promising Therapy for Anxiety and Dementia, In An App

For years, health experts have told people that constant connectivity to email and Internet via a smartphone can cause overwhelm and lead to anxiety. Now, researchers are finding ways that smartphone technology can help people heal from mental disorders including anxiety and prevent others, such as dementia. Research published in the journal Clinical Psychological Science … Read more