Arizona Pain Cares: Our 2016 Mission

Happy New Year! We hope this article finds you well and ready to take 2016 by storm.

At Arizona Pain, we’re looking forward to a special initiative running yearlong during 2016: Arizona Pain Cares. This slogan encapsulates a fresh approach we’re taking to keep you, our patients, and community informed and inspired to live your best possible life.

Sometimes there’s nothing more invigorating than hearing the ways other pain patients just like you are making their way in the world despite having a chronic condition. We’ll be featuring patient testimonials in videos on our websites and on our social media accounts all year. We hope this effort makes you feel less alone and more connected to other pain patients in the community.

Staying inspired while working to find new ways of managing pain is imperative. Part of the battle is finding fresh ways to stay encouraged and full of hope. Many times, reading stories about other people just like you who have found effective ways to better manage pain or live full lives despite it, is just the ticket you need to lift your spirits.

We’re excited to share inspiring stories of patients who have transcended difficult conditions, or learned how to live well despite chronic health conditions. We’ll also be revealing, throughout the year, several miraculous stories of healing from patients who have experienced the most profound transformations.

During the yearlong initiative Arizona Pain Cares, we’ll feature inspiring patient stories full of courage, bravery, and healing.  

Arizona Pain Cares also perfectly describes our signature philosophy of helping patients manage pain with minimally invasive techniques and all natural, but powerful lifestyle modifications like diet, exercise, and stress management.

Living with a chronic pain condition can be difficult, but the trio of diet, exercise, and stress management can be amazingly effective for reducing inflammation and pain while promoting healing.

Patient care is always a focus of ours at Arizona Pain, but we wanted to step up our commitment to you this year and make a more concerted effort to provide you with greater levels of inspiration and comfort.

Feeling like you’re part of a community is another potent way to promote healing. Finding fuel to stay inspired and as positive as possible is essential for living well despite chronic pain, and finding that fuel is sometimes the most difficult part. Arizona Pain Cares will be a great resource for you to connect to helpful information when you need it the most.

Look for stories from Arizona Pain Cares all throughout 2016 to keep you inspired and motivated on the path toward wellness.

Thinking of wellness may seem odd when living with a chronic pain condition, but if you think of wellness as a series of actions taken to help you live your best possible life, then it makes perfect sense.

Wellness isn’t reserved for marathon runners and athletes. Instead, it’s a very personal journey that involves making good choices every step of the way. All of these choices accumulate to help you feel as good as possible.

Arizona Pain Cares aims to help our patients find inspiration and information to promote wellness.

Besides providing inspiration, we hope our new initiative provides you with a big dose of information, as well. Sometimes there’s nothing more helpful than hearing the story of a pain patient with a similar condition to you who underwent a specific procedure or treatment and experienced a benefit from it. We hope these stories will give you new insights on potential treatments that perhaps you haven’t considered.

Chronic pain and all the conditions that fall under its umbrella, from back pain to the more than 100 kinds of arthritis, are hot areas of research because they affect so many people.

All through the year, you’ll hear stories of patients who have found success with all types of treatments, from traditional to cutting-edge, and learn first-hand how those patients fared with them.

As 2016 gets kicked off with a bang, we hope you’ll join us on our journey of inspiration and wellness.

Arizona Pain sends you many blessings for the New Year.

What are you most excited for during 2016?

Image by Harsha K R via Flickr