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Arizona Pain Spinal Cord Stimulation Therapy is an exciting new treatment for patients! Arizona’s leading pain management practice announces new cutting-edge treatment option for chronic back and leg pain patients in Arizona

Arizona Pain (arizonapain.com) is dedicated to bringing cutting-edge chronic pain treatments to Arizona residents who need them. As part of that commitment, Arizona Pain is excited to announce that it is the first medical practice in the state to offer an innovative new therapy for chronic back pain and leg pain.

The Senza® SCS system, which delivers Nevro’s proprietary HF10™ therapy (Nevro Corporation, Menlo Park, CA), is a recently FDA-approved spinal cord stimulator (SCS) that has demonstrated superior results compared to traditional SCS for the treatment of chronic back and leg pain.

100 million people in the U.S. suffer from a chronic pain condition. Chronic pain is the primary cause of adult disability in the U.S. Chronic back pain, specifically, is one of the most common reasons for missed time from work, with 80% of adults suffering from back pain at some point in their lives. There are a variety of treatment options for chronic pain, ranging from medication to surgery to interventional treatments, like spinal cord stimulation.

Traditional spinal cord stimulator therapy typically delivers electrical pulses that attempt to “mask” a patient’s sensation of pain by covering the area with paresthesias (tingling, pins-and-needles, and prickling sensations). HF10™ therapy, on the other hand, relieves pain without paresthesias by using a higher frequency of electrical pulses, along with additional proprietary factors.

According to the FDA, HF10™ therapy:

  • Was found to have superior response rates and pain relief versus traditional SCS therapy in patients with back and leg pain
  • Is approved for use without patient restrictions on motor vehicle operation while receiving therapy
  • Is the only SCS therapy indicated to provide pain relief without paresthesias
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Tory L. McJunkin, MD is the medical director of Arizona Pain and explains:

“Our practice is committed to finding the least invasive and most effective treatments to help those who suffer from chronic pain. HF10 therapy is an exciting cutting-edge treatment option for many who have failed other treatments. Our practice’s purpose is to provide hope and restore life for those who desperately need it.”

Arizona Pain is proud to provide this innovative new treatment option to chronic pain patients in Arizona.

About Arizona Pain

Arizona Pain was founded on a single premise—provide world-class care for those in our community, with a focus on research and cutting-edge treatment plans. For us, world-class care means providing the comprehensive and innovative treatments that we would want for our own mom or dad. It’s that simple.

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